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30A Pool Service

Why choose us?


It's simple- you won't find quality of service or attention to detail like ours anywhere else. Through the years we've maintained lasting relationships with our customers all due to the glamorous impression that our staff makes from the initial consultation up to the very last (of the many!) inspections we complete of your pool or spa before saying "Voila, it's done"! A neglected pool can be the source of bacteria that can lead to harming you or your family; We offer a 100% guarantee of a spotless clean that will surely leave you impressed.  About Us

Pool & Spa Precision


The key to our success relies on our efficiency and ability to deliver more than what is expected. We look for the smallest of imperfections and take care of them right away knowing that if left neglected they'll soon add up and become an even bigger problem. Renewing your pool or spa's value as well as maintaining a sanitary environment for you to relax in is our main priority! Our staff is trained to re-examine their work once they initially believe it is completed various times to guarantee your pool is in mint condition! Our Services

360 Inspection Guarantee


A 360 Inspection is what we offer to our clients by: vacuuming, scrubbing, thoroughly inspecting and balancing chemicals- as well as cleaning the filters and decks. Our aim is to leave you with lasting results that will have you feeling assured of the quality of work performed and satisfied with the noticeable difference you'll feel on your first swim! Crystal clear waters and a spotless environment you can unwind in is just what you've been looking for and we can make that happen for you- it doesn't matter when or where!  Get a Free Estimate!



Innovative Methods


When you rely on Life Aquatic Pool & Spa you can rest assured that we are using the most efficient and innovative technology and methods to renew your pool or spa back to their original conditions. We strive for perfection and always accomplish it by listening to your requests and incorporating them into our work plan.  Our Locations

We Value Your Feedback


 Our Customers 100% satisfaction guarantee stems from our constant communication throughout the project. Not only does that allow us to fit our current customers' needs and requirements, but it also helps us get some insight on what new customers like you, might enjoy! Maybe we did something that was  jaw-dropping amazing, or maybe we could've tweaked something a little bit more; regardless of what it is we welcome all of your feedback! Our Reviews

Saving Resources


Save money and natural resources by having your pool or spa regularly cleaned by us! Don't let the water become so contaminated that you have to resort to emptying out your pool and pay the price of re-filling! Small cracks that are immediately fixed could also prevent major cracks in the future that would also require your pool to be emptied. Our Locations

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